Dentoflex inc. was established in 1997 by Yves Brissette (Dental Technician) and Suzie Dion (Administrative Services). With many years experience, the laboratory offers a comprehensive and personalized service that satisfies your every need. All at competitive rates!

Members of the Dental Technician Order of Quebec since 1985, Yves Brissette, D.T. holds a laboratory management permit, which certifies that Dentoflex inc. fulfils all the laws and requirements within the dental field.


We promote a personalized approach, which means that any time you wish to speak to a technician, you can! We guarantee the integrity of your order, the success of your treatment, and we’ll save you lots of time.

Alongside the ever-present robotics within the field, we also offer the artisanal fabrication of all prosthesis. In this day and age, sometimes a technician’s touch is still the best way to achieve optimal results.

Dentoflex inc. offers various approaches to ensure that in the end, your satisfaction is guaranteed!