Dentoflex was founded in 1997 by Yves Brissette, dental technician, and Suzie Dion in administrative services. Proud of all these years of experience, the laboratory offers a complete and personalized service that meets your specific needs. All at competitive prices!

Today, Charles Desjardins, dental technician, General Manager Élise Desjardins committed to business development and Ly Pham DMD, in charge of finance and accounting, are passionately pursuing a common goal: to make the laboratory a leader in the field of dental prosthetics.

Their family values, community involvement and commitment to excellence and innovation propel them towards new horizons.


We promote a personalized approach, which means that any time you wish to speak to a technician, you can! We guarantee the integrity of your order, the success of your treatment, and we’ll save you lots of time.

Alongside the ever-present robotics within the field, we also offer the artisanal fabrication of all prosthesis. In this day and age, sometimes a technician’s touch is still the best way to achieve optimal results.

Dentoflex inc. offers various approaches to ensure that in the end, your satisfaction is guaranteed!


The Lafond Desjardins Dental Laboratory acquired Dentoflex in early 2020. This merger enables years of expertise and know-how to come together as one, thus strengthening Lafond Desjardins’ position as a frontline player in the field.

Because passion, expertise and know-how are all about teamwork!